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09-12-2012, 06:32 AM
1. Is there a hypothetical plan of what kind of missions you would want to add to the KDF? (What I want to know is if they already have created something like a spreadsheet with possible arcs and missions to implement once they have the time to do so.)

2. Would you be willing to work with the STO community on the creation of new missions for the KDF? (Things like creating threads with basic ideas in the KDF section or asking for a list of well made Foundry missions to either use or get inspiration from.)

3. Considering possible future ships: If we were to get new ships would it be possible to give a nod and helping hand to KDF sci captains considering that they are forced to use BOP?s most of the time. (E.g. if you were to make a c-store Neg Var like the Regent Class could we get a Lt. Commander Universal or if it is tac/sci have the same tac/sci lieutenant slot be universal? [LTC Tac/LT Sci/LT Universal])

4. Will we see any kind of tweaking or modifying for existing equipment sets?

5. Will there be new sets available from STF?s? The current KHG set isn?t bad but seems to be geared mainly towards science captains.

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