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Originally Posted by crusty8mac View Post
I have a torpedo build that I run for chuckles in PvP. I wouldn't use it in STFs though.
I haven't tried pure torp in STFs, but I could see where it'd be feasible w/the Borg MKXII photon or quant torps, torp doffs, Torps Spread 3, APO3, HY3, Aux2Batt w/Tech doffs and tac or sci captain. The bonus 1k damage proc rate is much higher w/torps than energy weapons.

For defense I'd try and stay perma cloaked for defense boost and damage boost. Use 2 part KHG w/Aegis engines for xtra defense. Use plasma and Kinetic resists in eng console spare slots. Chain PH, Aux2Sif and HE @ full aux.

Another option would be to mix in tric mines w/a dispersal pattern. Adding a GDF & APA and those things' damage can be insane.

Also, depeding on the role you fill, you wouldn't be a target anyway. KDE Probes don't shoot until 1 of the gates drop. Most CSE pets don't shoot until their in site of Chang. ISE most things don't shoot until the Tac Cube/Gate at the end.