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09-12-2012, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by slick97477 View Post
I demand to know why you have taken money from my card and now your site is saying 24 hours to review it before i get zen when you taken the money out of my account already.
It's a security measure. The delay gives you, the consumer, an opportunity to contest the charge - in case someone is using your card/account fraudulently. The delay only happens the first time. After that it's assumed it really is your card/account and PW handles the transaction in just a few minutes.

I'd also point out that while your card/account might show the money as being withdrawn it's generally sitting there as a "pending" withdrawn amount. This means it's being asked for by another party but the amount has not been fully withdrawn by them yet. The card/account assumes the money is going to be used, and so shows the balance adjustment so that you can see to not use it twice.