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09-12-2012, 09:04 AM
Since it has been 25 years since TNG started (and for some of us Star Trek started with it), i think it would be appropriate to release a TNG series bundle.
I mean the Holodeck Worf simulation was nice but it think many players want more TNG stuff and Cryptic wants our money.

Here are some ideas of what could be included:

- A improved TNG series Uniform, one that is much more professional done, like the DS9 Admiral Uniform for instance.
- A improved All good Things Uniform, without (or a very small) cumberbund.
- A alternative TNG series Uniform with closed Collar (like in TNG: Yesterdays Enterprise) and Belt.
- Picard hair.

- A Galaxy Class ship like in the TNG: Yesterdays Enterprise. A much more tactical focussed Galaxy Class with the BOFF layout of a Ferengi D'Kora or Regent class.
- No saucer seperation.
- A special Beam Overload Console only useable on Galaxy Class ships.
(I just HATE that the devs made this ship so teethless. Even a Ferengi ship has more tactical BOFF slots in STO.
The Galaxy Class was build to operate far from any reinforcements, it needs more Firepower!)

- A heavily redressed Galaxy Class Bridge like in that same Episode.

- A "Generations" like Bridge

- Galaxy Class ship interior.
(Yeah, i know someone at cryptic seems to hate TNG series design but for many of us the Galaxy Class is still THE iconic Star Trek ship.)

- TNG like "Cobra Phasers" that do Exploit Damage, just like the Compression Phaser Pistol but with the look of TNG Phasers.
(i just hate those phaser compression pistols we have in STO.)

- TNG like Phaser rifles (split beam rifles maybe?)

- An Android Bridge Officer, different stats than the 700day reward BO.

- Maybe some special DOFFs like a holodeck specialist, like Barclay.

If someone has additional ideas of what could be included, please feel free to contribute.

Live long and prosper.

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