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09-12-2012, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by yeialyah View Post
I have some questions : when you do a torpedoes build without a point in energy weapons or shield emitter or shield systems , how do you manage to do a successful Stf or if you want to change ship ?
Since I don't have any points in shield abilities, I'm able to max out the hull resistances. I also added a few Neutronium Alloys.

It's still possible for me to die, but I can solo a cube on my own if I play smart.

I have an Aceton Assmilator console, so the radiation damage keeps the heavy torpedoes from being launched. I also buff the Aceton Assimilator, so that the radiation damage is boosted. With it being the only target for the Cube, it will continue to regard the Assimilator as the biggest threat as it fires on it. Until, that is, my Tachyon Beam 3 + all my fore torpedoes firing start hitting them. By the time the Cube turns it's attention to me, I should have already recloaked. If not, I'll hit them with a Jam Sensor to further hide myself from the Cube's focused fire.