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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
It's a security measure. The delay gives you, the consumer, an opportunity to contest the charge - in case someone is using your card/account fraudulently. The delay only happens the first time. After that it's assumed it really is your card/account and PW handles the transaction in just a few minutes.

I'd also point out that while your card/account might show the money as being withdrawn it's generally sitting there as a "pending" withdrawn amount. This means it's being asked for by another party but the amount has not been fully withdrawn by them yet. The card/account assumes the money is going to be used, and so shows the balance adjustment so that you can see to not use it twice.


The same happens to everyone on the first time getting zen, it happened to me as well.

You just need a little patience, as once this has gone through it will be instant from then on...