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I have some questions : when you do a torpedoes build without a point in energy weapons or shield emitter or shield systems , how do you manage to do a successful Stf or if you want to change ship ? when you take you hegtha ? do you buy a respect token each time ?

I have create for my B'rel a polyvalent build so i can play successfully with in many situation
like topedoes boat , decloaked dogfighting , all stf missions with a very good dps :

My B'rel toon is fully specc'd specifically to fly birds of prey as torpedo boats.

I have zero in energy weapons of any kinds, zero in shields of any kind. All skill points went into torpedoes, armor, armor resists , repair, structural integrity, targeting, stealth and into science based particle, subspace decompiler and countermeasures.

I'm saving a bit now to respec some of the 'junk' points i spent around while leveling up to put them into flow capacitor.

That character can only fly birds of prey as torpedo ships. To fly other KDF ships I have my other toon.

I'll say it again: B'rel as a non-torpedo boat is a complete waste. It literally IS a Heghta but with less hull and a better cloak. Putting a single energy weapon on it means you bought a 2kzen+ ship to do something you could already do with the free tier 4 bop.


I have a torpedo build that I run for chuckles in PvP. I wouldn't use it in STFs though.

You merely have to spec the ship correctly.

Here's a full torpedo + mine build b'rel that I use. I've ZERO problem with getting aggro or getting hit at all.

Cmdr: tac team 1, high yield 2, omega 1, dispersal beta 3
Lt cmdr: high yield 1, tac team 2, omega 1
Lt: Jam sensors 1, scramble sensors 2 (*)
Lt: Hazard 1, tractor beam repulsors 1 (**)

For the LT boffs I have a replacement boff for each. Depends on the STF mission being run and the pug team I end up with.

The * LT slot I replace with a Jam Sensors 1 + Tachyon Beam 2 boff. I use this alternate in all STFS except CURE. There is a very neat trick you do in cure with scramble sensors. For all others the tachyon beam helps bring the shields down for the heavy torpedo barrage.

The ** LT slot I replace with tractor beam 1 + hazard emitters 2. These I use only after i see that there is at least ONE person in my team that is clued enough to use gravity well or repulsors for crowd control. That way I can use the tractor beam to increase my projectile damage (snare= -def -turn = higher damage).Otherwise I end up being the crowd control...repulsors used by a high speed bird of prey can push targets away from the kang/transformer/etc much better and farther than any other ship can.

Ship weaponry:

Fore: Bioneural Torpedo, Plasma MK12 dmg x3 , Plasma MK12 acc x3, Breen Cluster
Aft: 2x Tricobalt mine Mk 12 critdx3

Reman 2 piece set, borg 2 piece set.

This setup allows the b'rel to fire its entire weapon load and re-cloak before the torpedoes hit the target (and gets you aggro). The timing is ideal for in one pass you fire the 4 heavy torpedoes and just after this the ship re-cloaks...and you can toss mine dispersal 3 (4x tricobalt dmg boosted mines) without decloaking right on top of target.

The 4 torpedoes hit the target a second before the mines activate and track. Thus, the target's shields are down or severely weakened in the side the mines will hit.. The Bioneural has a high chance to disable ship defenses for 5 seconds (max decompiler skill!) which is when the tricobalt mines hit it ...and since the ship defenses are turned off.. it crits. all 4 of them.

It doesnt happen often but it happens every now and then ... and with it I've taken donatra from 25% health to zero in one pass.

Its all in the timing and positioning of your ship and where you drop the mines. Most of the time you're just an extremely high damage bomber that bombs the boss shields out for the team to hurt it.

You make one pass every 30 seconds, a full damage pass every minute (bioneural reload= 1min).

I'll post a video later tonight displaying this.