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09-12-2012, 12:21 PM
Well, Since we are complaining about Zen not being given right away... Let us going into other companies that take money before giving us our items... Gas Stations and the $75 hit for $30 in gas before they release the money not used. Why can't my Purchases be Sent instantly the moment I click Buy from a UK site at 4am when the workers are asleep! I demand my products shipped Instantly to the states. Paypal and Google Stop pinging me for $1 to check my account is good when I create an account!

* yells out window like in a certain commercial* I want my product and I want it now!

Gimme my Zenny back Zenny back Zenny back

Need Zen * shifts around rapidly and glances around paranoid as if on a Zen Withdrawl*

K.. I'm done
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