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And California agents will tend to keep it that way, focusing on keeping salary high. (One reason why guys like Ben Affleck have done an endrun around agents.)

The reality is also that these guys may have different agents in different states with different priorities. Outside New York/LA, the priority shifts to getting work and sometimes union rules don't apply based on location and the local laws. (Just don't get too noisy about it.)

My experience is that UK firms REALLY focus on keeping their people working, not deflecting work to keep their asking price high.

It wouldn't surprise me if Seth McFarlane didn't have to either get ahold of Stewart directly or contact his UK agency to get him at a reasonable price for American Dad, for example.
TV actor's work salaries tend to be all over the place - and are often based on ratings. Angus T Jones, for example, makes $300,000 per episode of Two and a Half Men, even though he's only in it about 5 minutes per episode. Contrast that with Zooey Deschanel, who is the lead actress in New Girl, yet she only makes $30,000 per episode. And then contrast that with George Clooney, who often works for scale because he makes millions doing commercials around the world - his endorsement income is estimated at $19 million per year.

And we shouldn't assume Sir Patrick came cheap to do the Family Guy and American Dad animated series. The Simpson's voice actors make $300,000 per episode - they took a pay cut down to $300k to get a 2 year contract extension - and Seth's deal with Fox makes him $20 million per year. There's no reason to believe that Sir Patrick isn't getting 6-figures per episode to do American Dad.

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