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Sybok - Star Trek 5

I feel your pain! There's a lot to this game and there isn't much published material to help guide you (and the stuff that is available is out of date).

About the only way to find out what works is to jump in and do it, take your best guess and go from there. Then you can come here and ask questions and ask for advice on topics (let us be your Sybok). Or, if you have a lot of time available you can search the forums and do a whole lot of reading.

Consider your first character a practice character. It doesn't take long to get your first character up to max level so it's not like you've made a major time investment, plus the PVE in this game on normal levels is pretty easy once you get the hang of a few things.

One of the major plusses to this game is that it's two games in one (ground / space), which is also a drawback because now you have to learn twice as much stuff. Luckily the choices that you can't change (for now) like your sex, species, and traits don't have a huge effect on the game unless you're an OCD min maxer. Even then we're talking a few percentages here and there, nothing major.

Your captains skillsets can be changed on the fly by swapping kits around, and your skill points are re-trainable if you find out they don't work for you. Your Bridge Officer / Away Team skills are all re-trainable and cheap to re-train. You're going to have way more skill points to assign than you know what to do with eventually.

The biggest decision you're going to have to make is your Captains class. Your class doesn't have a huge effect on space game play (PVE) but it does have an effect on your ground game experience. For example, my first character was an Engineer in a Cruiser. I chose this class because survivability was my main goal. I played with several guys who were all Admirals so my focus was on staying alive and supporting the heavy hitters in both space and ground combat. I built my character around that concept, so some of my traits were "sub optimal" but overall they were good enough to have fun (and survive).

My reccomendation: pick a class that sounds good to you, pick a ship class you like, jump in the pool and start swimming. Poke your head out of the water every once and a while and see what everyone else is doing and adjust accordingly.