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# 1 Events Calendar Proposal
09-12-2012, 11:47 AM
I'd hope that Branflakes might have a peek in here and add these ideas to his often ignored list of feedback that he points the Devs to.

I have my own ideas, and I would love to get some from the rest of the community.

As it stands, the events calendar is sorely lacking in diversity. We have fleet mark events three times per day, which is not a bad thing, but it comes and the expense of old stand-bys such as Tour. We also have several events that are, frankly, less than useful once you hit level 50. The Officer Reports event, the Path/Lore event, etc. The extra points go to boffs/Expertise, and the extra data chip is often just something else you already have. But these events can be useful for newbies. What I would suggest is some consolidation across the board.

We have an 'Academy Event.' Silly, tedious running around game, but it's one of the first Dilithium rewards that you have access to. I propose that the Lore/Path mission be blended into this. You're already at your respective academies if you're going to be doing the scanning mission, and if you're not, you beam down, get your chips, and leave. That's an extra spot or two on the daily rotation that's open for something else.

The Vault Event. Listening to Obisek ramble about Reman independence in that sexy voice is sure to make everyone's knees week, but once you have the Reman set or get fed up, it becomes another useless spot in the rotation. Defera is open all the time now, as is Nukara and The Vault. I propose that you add a bonus to all three; the datalogs for the Vault, and a small Dilithium reward to the missions in the other two. And I do mean small. On the order of maybe 50-100 per mission, scaling for Easy, Medium, Hard. Give us a reason to play Defera again, and an extra one to enjoy Nukara, since the marks rewards are otherwise lacking. That makes this spot in the daily even more useful.

Multiphasic and Crafting should probably be combined, in my estimation. One or the other; they each happen less often than they used to anyway, and this would give everyone a bit more access if you simply left each 'spot' in, but made the event for both.

Officer Reports bonus event. The only bonus that I ever saw from this is in skill points, and once you hit 50, they just pile into your endless pool of 'Expertise.' Combine this with the Academy event, or get rid of it.

Also, we have the Big Calendar. It used to have Defera, but since Defera is on all the time, it's back to just being the weekly STF bonus. How about we add a CXP bonus day, once per week/every couple weeks, along the lines of a mini Duty Officer weekend? Give everyone a 5% CXP bonus or something for that 24 hour period? You have a whole month of days, and the only thing on it is STF bonus days. Sad, really, and a total waste. You could add mini-replay days, in addition to the replay weekends. Add smaller hidden rewards along the lines of the Lobi crystals, and run them for one day at a time. Stick a special rare doff or something on one of the missions. Anything to make replay more fun, while not overshadowing the replay weekend.