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Originally Posted by bufo1966 View Post
I put points into starship attack patterns as the wiki said this was a skill available to everyone, then read on a forum post it would never be of any use to my main character who was an engineer.
That's not exactly true. the guy who said that probably thought it was a waste of time becasue engineers don't have Attack Pattern Alpha, but that's not the only attack pattern that's in the game.

Your crew could have attack pattern Beta, Delta, and Omega which all have great uses and bonuses for you and your team, and if you're in an escort you're guaranteed to have one or more of these patterns. Heck, cruisers/sci vessels oftern have Fire at Will and Attack Pattern Beta to tag multiple enemies with a debuff.

A lot of the discussion here is about tuning a character to edge of knife stuff that's only required for PVP or elite STF's (mostly end game content). It's also dominated by elitist Tact / Escort types who think the only purpose of other players is to support them. They're also not too interested in just having fun.

For example, I have a Tact Officer (a 98 year old woman with a bad back and a fat butt) who pilots a T5 Excelsior. I run a typical Dragon Ship set up with dual disruptor beams and a transphasic torp up front, and turrets in the back. Many people whould cry "LOLWUT FAILBOAT" but I don't give a crap becasue I have always loved the Excelsior and I hate the look of single cannons.

Suboptimal, but it does the job and it's fun!