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Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 View Post
1. I am using the quad heavy cannons. And 2 dhc and 1 plasma torp up front is that good or should i change something
I'd drop the quad cannons and replace them with another DHC as they aren't that good.

If you're thinking about doing PvP, I'd also drop the torp and replace it with a dual beam bank for beam overload, since torps will end up hitting a shield facing more often then hitting the hull.

2. I am using 2 of the consoles i got from ships i bought. The point defense sytem and the torpedo spread. Is two too many?
It's rather a waste, since neither are all that good.

3. The science consoles pretty much confuse and and not sure which eng consoles. I have the PDS console in a sci spot and torp in a tac spot. What other consoles should i be using.

Engineering: Borg console, 2x neutronium alloy (any more then 2 is a waste due to diminishing returns)
Science: 2x field generators mk XI or higher.

4. I saw the jemmie impulse engine and i am bangin through missions to get that. Is that an "endgame" piece or should i jsut work for the borg?
Work for the borg engines.
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