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O.k. not sure how to make it any clearer...But I will try...It is very simple...changing of skill-sets? No, adaptability in knowing how and when to use their classes actions/abilities, hell everyone should already know how and when to do that, but this reinforces my point.



So what about science officers in escorts? Or cruisers? Engineers in escorts or science vessels? Tacticals in cruisers or science vessels?

If you want my Science Officer to try to heal you when I'm in my Defiant retrofit, don't expect much. Or are you saying each career should only fly one type of ship? That would change the game completely, as well as severely limit the options available for people.

Or are you only applying this to ground? I tank Armek all the time on my science officer...should I only let the engineer from now on? What if there isn't one? Should I be restricted to just using my medic kit to heal, and just toss out the other 6 kits I have that aren't all full of heals?

One of the things I love about STO is that there classes don't fall into the arbitrary classifications of tank/healer/dps. Everyone can do a little bit of everything - I remember groups of 5 tac officers doing old version of Infected back when it was a space and ground combined, a lot longer, and a lot harder. They could do this because they came prepared with consumables, and also used Rally Cry for healing. The strategies they used were naturally different from what a more balanced group would use, but it could be done, and I think that's a great thing.
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