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Greetings one and all,

I've been grinding away for a couple of weeks now and I'm surprised at how fast I've leveled up (federation-currently lvl 43, rear admiral lower half). Since missions are divided into seasons, I believe that I'm in the middle of Season 3 "The Cardassian Struggle"

Up until now I've recieved a spare few fleet invites, but since making rear admiral, it seems that I've been getting hit with fleet invites quite often. I've let them go unanswered thus far because, personaly, I feel that I'm still too "green" to be of any real help to a fleet.

That being said, what are the advantages of joining a fleet? Upsides? Downsides (if any)?

It seems like there are quite a few fleets out there, and I'm not sure who to look at first. If play style (and time) is an issue, I'd say that I'm a fairly relaxed player. I'm a college student, so I play when I'm taking study breaks or relaxing.


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