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09-12-2012, 05:52 PM
Fleets really only give you 3 advantages:

1) Consistent people to play with - especially for multi-player events.

2) Access to Fleet Banks - shared items that anyone in the Fleet can use.

3) Access to Fleetbases - which can give you better Ships and Equipment; assuming you're wanting to play and pay for it.

For a lot of people #1 is the most important. For another segment of the fan-base they only joined a Fleet for #2. #3 is only 3 months old and it's really too soon to make any real decisions about it, yet.

From my own perspective I prefer Fleets for the social aspects. I like playing with consistent people rather then Pugging with strangers - and multi-player events are extremely common at end-game. I like having Fleet Nights were we all just do fun things together, and so on. For me the Fleet's a group of gaming friends that extends past STO into several other MMOs.

The best thing you can do is just try a Fleet and see if it fits you. You might need to quit and join another, or several others, before you find one that's right for you. When you get the right fit they can be great!