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Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
i cant remember the last time sto made me like do a OMG other then adding the true ESD
I can.

Alpha. Alpha made me OMG exactly like Levy is describing... in a good way. Warping in and seeing that massive planet in front of me really nailed the fact this wasn't a normal mission. Actually, that mission was full of those moments. Walking through the jungle, peeking around every corner looking for ambushes, solving puzzles (or beating your romulan lackey into solving them for you. ), saving your fellow warriors from Saw-esque traps, that hilarious Klingon captain...

That was an amazing mission, and one of the few I enjoyed from beginning to end. (The others being the Vault, Colosseum, and Starbase Incursion (though the last one could be better if there was more climbing around on boxes, So much fun!)).

We need more stuff like that!