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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
I get frustrated sometimes with my uncertainty as to whether some of the player feedback reaches Cryptic.

That said, I think some of the best decisions from Trek relied on information either being withheld or audience desires outright subverted.

For example:

Picard being assimilated.
Jadzia Dax dying.
Dukat turning out to be psychotic and siding with both the Dominion and the Pah Wraiths.
Dukat and Kai Winn hooking up.
Kes leaving Voyager.
Neelix staying.

Maybe even Worf being on the Enterprise, skipping ahead 70 years.

I think Cryptic needs to be freer to make these kinds of calls, unpopular or demanded features or elements shot down. Without that, you have something bland and that being Trek means taking the reins away from the players now and then. Instead of succeeding or failing based on how they deliver to player expectations, sometimes intentionally and deliberately going the opposite way from player requests and openly admitting that they do this sometimes, rather than trying to maintain the appearance that they exist to give players what they want and being stuck with doing that job badly when player desires make for bad game design or don't fit.

Now, to get away with those kinds of calls, you need to establish that your judgment is good enough that you can refuse players what they want and make the alternative entertaining.
What are you doing with Geordy's visor Picard? You arent even blind!

Yeah, that's right.