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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Dukat turning out to be psychotic and siding with both the Dominion and the Pah Wraiths.
Dukat and Kai Winn hooking up.
Agree with everything but the Dukat transformation. Prior to Sacrifice of Angels, Dukat was one of the most sophisticated and deeply layered villains I'd seen in Trek. From season six onwards he was relegated to a mustache twirling villain similar to the old black and white sci-fi shows. Even worse is that Dukat could have easily done everything Damar did. I suspect the chief reason Dukat had to go over the edge is cause they needed a Yin to Sisko's Yang, ala the Emissary story arc had not yet been wrapped up.

Having said the above, there is no question that producers (game or film) have to have a firm vision to follow. Keeping your audience playing, or watching, will not always equate to giving them exactly what they want.