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09-12-2012, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
I would like to point out that unless you are actualy using the other 2 oddy console abilitys the 3 peice bonus is not as good as the oddy console you use + a neutronium armor and an rcs console.

Also if you are going to use your extra tac console for the aquarius I suggest using the sci oddy since if your going to loose the tac slot anyway may as well trade it for sensors analysis

If they made the 3 piece a better deal, Which they should, then I'd run it. I have the set, but its simply not worth it IMO.

Both the Bortas and Oddy need a set bonus Buff that makes you go, "Ah yeah, Thats badass" That or they need a special slot for them to go into. All CStore ships should have a special slot for said Special Items IMO.