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09-12-2012, 11:40 PM
current build
eng: 3xneutronium/2xRCS
sci: 1x borg uni
tac: whatever your weap type x4 or x3 if torp incl.

Commander Eng: EpS/RSP1/RSP2/AB3 (last can be swapped)
LT sci: HE1/HE2
lt tac: TT1/CRF1
ens uni: TB1 (sci) (swappable)
LT com uni: TT!/TS2/CSV2

tractor beam to hold stuff in front being a cannon build, can be swapped, aceton beam 3 to reduce incoming damage. x2 HE to get rid of shield drains from borg and the occasional plasma fire with small resist and heal.

x2 TT because quite simply nothings better especially combined with RSP

you can cycle through all the heals, shield and hull and stay alive especially with the huge HP sink the bort has, combination of shield and hull tanking. BFI with 1 or 2 shield distro doffs, subspace modulator (device) also...she's pretty much indestructible.

HG shields and engines, borg deflector.

pick up the deuterium consumable from the daily along with engine and shield bats that rounds out device slots. she won't turn on a dime but just doing pve you don't have to, everything comes in a predictable fashion. just plan ahead and position yourself.