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Well, I would post my build, but it's much more of a...'kill you now' kind of thing, and lacks of lot of survivability. It doesn't die, but it isn't going to last forever in a fight. At least that's how my tac one is.

I would like to mention though, a few things about the Bortasqu' in all it's forms:

Tactical has the only KDF ship with 5 tactical console slots (Jem'hader bug doesn't count), and the engineering is only one of two ships that has 5 engineering slots (the other being the fleet Negh'var).

Of the three, I'd say the science (Command version) is probably the best. Primarily because it has two science consoles, and the 4 engineering still. That means you can possibly put 2 Field Generators on if you want, and give up very little engineering.

I would like to mention though the Disruptor Autocannon is a very potent weapon if you use it right.
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