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I'm looking at your weapons layout and slightly puzzled. I mean I get the concept of DBB front BA everywhere else, but doesn't that sort of spread-out approach cost you the ability to really lay the hurt in any one arc? Attack with the front, you have a slow, weakened-damage sorta-escort nose-on-target focus. From the sides and aft you have a weak cruiser. Nothing is especially complimentary. Without one arc somewhere thats the specific kill zone, how does this get anything done?

Not so much criticizing, just going 'huh?'
DBB's front gives you higher frontal damage with less power costs versus a broad side. You also get a narrower cone of fire for faw.

I've also seen it used like a bomber. Fly fight at your target with the DBB's and any damage buffs then fly straight past and continue with the BA's and maybe a torp or mine while your turn around for another pass. It works.... sometimes.

4 DBB's will do 181dam 212dps over 4 BA's (base)
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