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# 1 Eng Cruiser STF build help
09-13-2012, 02:20 AM
Hello everyone

Soon i want to start doing some STFs again with my Cruiser, but i am not sure if my build is good enough. It should be good enough to also tackle elite STFs in the future.

Here it is:

Now i would like to fill the role of a tank in space and some kind of fabrication supporter on ground if that makes any sense.

I have chosen the assault cruiser, but if there is any cruiser that is better because of BO or console-layout please let me know.

Now you can see all the skills in the link but now another question...the equipment.

Obviously i do not yet have any borg parts apart from the console. I currently use 6beam/2torp and the aegis set. Consoles are 3x energy specific damage in tactical, resistance plates and the borg console in eng and these shield consoles in sci.

On the ground i currently use a bunker fabrication kit, the JemHadar Rifle and an energy dampening armor.

Any advice on how i could improve this and also what kind of duty officers would work well with this setup is very much appreciated.