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Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
I dont get why people tell others to re-roll to the FotM. So what if currently your spec isnt all that great atm. Anyway I dont think hes talking about PvP

Tac is pure DPS so he will not outclass a tac captain as a tank-build engineer.

To OP, just wondering, is there a reason you have on your Lt. Commander Boff both the Engineering team 1 & 3? Maybe replace one of them with something else if available perhaps?
I agree. Screw all you tac ONLY thinkers. As for his double engi team, I think he was goin for uber hull healage and support. I would post what I think is an ideal build, but atm my brain is fried and I am too tired... come tomorrow however I will put my real thoughts, I just wanted to get that first second and third sentence out on the table.
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