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09-13-2012, 03:16 AM
You might try this variation as well

In STFs warp plasma is a great tool. You can kill heavy torps with it, CC cubes/shperes to keep them out of the way while you deal with another problem(infected optional godsend), and generally lay waste and troll npcs with it.

Normally I would say get RSP but your a Engi so if you keep your heals rolling Miracle worker will be enough to get you through your rotations against the gate or tac cubes.

As for science if you keep A2S running you can just sit through whatever the borg throw at you if you get tractored, so a really powerful shield heal may be of more use overall.

Also this build is a bit more to the tank than it is dps. The nice beam cruiser dps builds are mostly based off the dragon one, but as a engi you might as well just go the route of giving the borg the finger and then stay with them till they die. Not the largest DPS ever seen in the game but you can basically know that what your shooting at will die. So pick your targets accordingly. No blocking probes for you but you can tank gates and let smart escorts get closer than 9.9999km to it.