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06-03-2009, 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by Zombie
Wait, how would studying the technological applications of any powerful piece of equipment be “short term”?
The problem that Hansen mentions, and I quite agree with, is that Starfleet is allowing its current desire for technologies such as the Mobile Emitter to override good, long-term planning. Just as Data had to fight to not be forcably dismantled for study, the Doctor has to fight for his rights as a sentient being. Starfleet is seeing a technology they want, and without regards for the possibility of hurting people (i.e. The Doctor) they are hurting the moral framework of the Federation, to seek out new life.

Is the Federation's myopia (to use the word Hansen did) so great that they cannot ask the question "Should we assume non-organic life forms are not people" before they start limiting the rights of those individuals?

Its dangerous! If we (humanity) cannot empathize with the Doctor, who actually looks and sounds like us, then I fear for our collective ability to recognize and respect life that is vastly different (Species 8472, for starters).