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09-13-2012, 03:42 AM
I prefer them personally, however I'd like an option for both factions were one can choose a particular uniform and that is what they see on all NPC's. On Starbases, Fleet Starbases and even onboard Ships.

It makes sense as everyone has their version of what is nice and what is horrid. Might also encourage people to buy c-store costumes if once unlock them you can use it on NPCs. Having it character rather than an account feature would be cool as well so different characters could use different uniforms for NPC.
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Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
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We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"