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Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
but the key thing to keep in mind is its useed in future timeline's more then ones so logic say that the one feds will end up with
Yes I know it is used several times but that doesn't alter the fact that those timelines were discontinued due to the plots of the episodes they took place in.

Hell in 'The Visitor' we see Captain Nog (edited here for correction) command the old USS Defiant which was brought out of mothballs. Jadzia was at the helm. Both shouldn't be possible because the original Defiant was destroyed and Jadzia was killed off.

In the timeline of 'All Good Things...' Deanna Troi mysteriously died, which caused a rift to develop between Riker and Worf. Last we saw in Nemesis Riker and Troi were happily married and presumably went off to have further adventures on the USS Titan. She didn't die, there was no feud between Worf.

In 'Endgame' Admiral Janeway went back in time to outright change the timeline. These future timelines are all invalidated by the end of the episodes in question. It seems funny that everything else that happens in these episodes would be so different but the uniforms would stay the same. But really my point is only that these uniforms appear in futures that turn out to be unrealised possibilities anyway.