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Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
I dont get why people tell others to re-roll to the FotM. So what if currently your spec isnt all that great atm. Anyway I dont think hes talking about PvP

Tac is pure DPS so he will not outclass a tac captain as a tank-build engineer.

To OP, just wondering, is there a reason you have on your Lt. Commander Boff both the Engineering team 1 & 3? Maybe replace one of them with something else if available perhaps?
This has nothing to do with FoTM. Eng being crap has been going on for months, starting with Doffs and skill tree revamp, with death by a thousand cuts added later.

In case you haven't notice: There is no point in tanking in friggin PvE, you want to get the optional you gotta blow up stuff fast. Doesn't matter if FA, NWS, save the transports, ..... healing and tanking only prevent your team from getting optional or points faster. So keep you eng healers in storage.
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