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09-13-2012, 05:20 AM
I agree that AGT uniform is poorly designed, and I agree that all timelines it is presented in are invalid. But the thing that has bothered me for a while is this: why should voyager returning early alter some committee's choice of a new uniform style? None of the Voyager crew would have any say over the uniform change, so why wouldn't the transition happen since that timeline was just a progression of reality undone by impatience and a "temporal prime directive be damned" attitude. (DTI asleep at the wheel on that one...)

I'd love to hear a good explanation as to why I'm supposed to believe these time travel/alternate future scenarios are so effected by the "star" crew. Example: I mean, sure, the Kelvin being destroyed altered things and cause Starfleet to prepare greater defenses...but why would that change the shape and size of the Enterprise so radically? If anything, shouldn't it just make the development of the Constitution class happen earlier? And why would it change the uniforms? Voyager returning, why would the uniforms change? AGT was undone be Picard having knowledge of the future and telling his crew about it. Thus Deanna doesn't die, Riker realizes life is precious and pursues her and Worf fades to the background. (I got nothing on the subject of Warp 13 though...) But WHY would the uniform change? What about those events being undone would negate the vote of an unseen board of quartermasters that are unrelated?

I agree with the spirit of this thread though. There needs to be a quality standard uniform for all NPCs.