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Originally Posted by misternopar View Post
To any and all member's of the {UFP}/House Of Kular or to anyone who is looking for a new fleet with a hardcore group of STF player's this message is for you!!!

We are looking for MORE level 50 ranked KLINGONS/ FEDERATION to join up and be part of the UFP's greatest STF unit within the STO gaming arena.

"What we are looking for"

- Experience in end game STF's
- Be willing to listen to directions
- Wanting to help others out in the fleet.
- Must have at least 75 or more STF Elite runs.
- Must be able to use TS and or Talk/ Listen in TS
- Understand what is FSOG and why we do what we do.
- Wanting to follow team instuctions and be part of a team.
- Willing to do FSOG reports on STF runs on a regular basis
- other non listed objectives not listed and will be discussed in an interview via TS

Hello and welcome to FSOG open day.

Do you wanna run within a team of experts that have the Mark 12 MACO,Omega and KDF Honor Guard Variant Gear?

Do you have what it takes to run with the elite of STF groups within the game of STO?

Do you wanna work within a team environment that can do STF runs without FAIL?

Do you have the team spirt and the communication skills to do STF run with others?

Do you, have the time to committ to a group of people on a regular basis?

Do you wanna wear the title of the UFP's most elite STF unit?

Do you wanna be part of something great and Honorable?

Do you wanna run with the best of the Best in STF's?

If you have any question's please PM Mugato on the {UFP} Forum title it "FSOG intrest"

Now if any of this sound's like something you want to be part of then join the {UFP/House Of Kular} which hand's down is the greatest Fleet in the Game it has amazing leadership, polite and energetic player's!! Alway's open to new idea's and well the list goes on I can't speak enough about the awesomeness of this Epic Fleet!!

to join us
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