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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
After watching Janeway blow her way through Borg ships, not really. Anything Janeway can do 35 years ago I should be able to do in spades.

Of course I'm really just not into Giant Monster encounters in MMOs, and that's what a Wolf 359 Borg Cube would be: X million hit points and 40 people all trying to pew-pew it to death. I find that sort of thing extremely boring - even though it is the most common end-game event in MMOs.

Of course I'd rather see the Borg far less often in the game. I think there are other big bads which can be added to the game who are far more entertaining. The Borg were played-out by First Contact, IMO.
1. so the borg slept for 35 years?
2. there are none as big as the borg (except 8472 which have been assimilated too as we could see in some borg missions)
3. there are not more borg than any other race in this game. you probably just play the same borg missions (stfs) over and over again. more stfs with other races would correct this. there are actually more missions with almost every race than with the borg.