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Originally Posted by dbosco2 View Post
I agree that AGT uniform is poorly designed, and I agree that all timelines it is presented in are invalid. But the thing that has bothered me for a while is this: why should voyager returning early alter some committee's choice of a new uniform style?

I don't know. Why would these different timelines have the same exact costume? We know why (out of universe): it's because they already had that prop available and it would cost money to design another costume. But inside the context of the show? All of those timelines were unrealised realities anyway, so why NOT say that the uniform is unrealised as well?

EDIT Hell in 'The Visitor', another line was how the Dominion War never even happened. We don't bat an eyelash at this and the other inconsistencies in this episode with what ended up happening even later in the show, but the costumes are somehow always destined to come about? It can't be both.

In the end they did end up with a new uniform change by First Contact, and that could easily be where the timeline diverged. In AGT and The Visitor, the Dominion weren't a threat and the borg weren't mentioned either, and things seemed to descend into a new cold war with the klingons. Maybe the quartermaster at the time was a different person from the one who designed the FC uniforms. But this is all sort of anciliary to my point; that it's not really any more valid to base the STO era uniforms on the AGT ones because that was a timeline that was outright discontinued in every instance it appeared. I could just as easily say that the FC uniforms became the one settled on by the 'prime' timeline because that's the last uniform we ever see anyone wear by Nemesis.

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