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This has nothing to do with FoTM. Eng being crap has been going on for months, starting with Doffs and skill tree revamp, with death by a thousand cuts added later.

In case you haven't notice: There is no point in tanking in friggin PvE, you want to get the optional you gotta blow up stuff fast. Doesn't matter if FA, NWS, save the transports, ..... healing and tanking only prevent your team from getting optional or points faster. So keep you eng healers in storage.
Engs are fine. They raise the survivability of whatever they're flying.

The problem is that most of the time you don't need more survivability than what a Tac in that same ship can provide. There are exceptions... for example, a "good" tank can hold the attention of Two Cubes or a Gateway and a Tactical Cube at the same time, but cases where that is useful are quite rare.

When you're learning the ropes on STFs, it can be helpful to be able to take an extra few hits, but after the 100th Elite run you tend to have the tactics down to a fine art... and extreme survivability becomes superfluous.

So Engineers are relegated to Piloting Escorts in STFs, where the extra survivability tends not to be wasted. Or they can be pushed towards Healing/Buffing duty in Fleet Missions (which can work: the protect-the-transports mission for example... the transports don't care if you save them via Constantly Healing them or via Killing the ships that are attacking them)

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