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1. so the borg slept for 35 years?
2. there are none as big as the borg (except 8472 which have been assimilated too as we could see in some borg missions)
3. there are not more borg than any other race in this game. you probably just play the same borg missions (stfs) over and over again. more stfs with other races would correct this. there are actually more missions with almost every race than with the borg.
1: No, the Borg didn't sleep for 35 years, but Janeway brought back future-tech, which meant that all tech advancements were jumped decades ahead - and have kept developing and advancing since 2378. Within the STO timeline Borg activity stops by 2383 and no one sees a Borg again until 2409. The Borg haven't had time to assimilate all our tech advances yet.

2: You don't need to be the most populous threat to be the worst. The Sheliak were shown to be a potential big treat, and we only ever see them in 1 episode. Even the creepy little insect/symbiots taking over Starfleet in Season 1 of TNG were a huge threat. Heck, even Holo-Moriarty could be a huge threat now that photonics live "real" lives.

3: I seldom do STFS any more, unless someone in my Fleet needs help. But you start with Borg in the Tutorial and it just keeps escalating to end-game - where you eventually encounter Borg almost exclusively.

And finally, everyone knows the worst Trek episode is Spock's Brain!

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