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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
STO's canon is dictated by Cryptic, which subverted those future variants for their own designs and a story about openning up the uniform restrictions. That's where the canon argument ends.
Which is a poor explanation for "everyone would want to buy a specific uniform he has seen on TV"

I have come to think that in STO there is absolutely no canon whatsoever, no story and no progress. It's just a digital playground for us players to play with all sorts of Star Trek themed "toys".

Although I'd welcome a uniform amongst NPCs, even the STO default ones if only they would be consistent I like the thought of the default sierra costume tiles come with the late TNG uniform color pattern. This way, it'd sinmply be an update on the materials used as the STO costumes kinda look like a mixture of classic uniforms and the "combat armour" prototype used in the dS9 ground combat episodes ths simply offering better protection.
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