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Originally Posted by zubo100 View Post are saying i should just step into an escort with my eng captain until cruisers become useful? Well if that is the case i need even more advice, since i have not really thought about what a good escort fit looks like.

In another topic there was a long discussion if all cannons are better than a mix of torps and cannons. Also What type of cannons are best...all DHC, or 2DHC+2DC or even 4DC. But at least i got from this discussion that there is no real consensus here so i have played around a bit and created a energy-only eng-escort build. This of course is assuming an advanced escort is the right tool.

Once again any pointers as to how to improve it would be welcome.
Yes, for PvE that is the safest bet, DHC all the way, forget anything else. I would suggest Patrol Escort/Advanced escort/Heavy Escort Carrier for an eng, just pick the one you like best. If you have a jem bug, or have a a hard time staying within the billion EC limit go bug.

has everything you need to know about escorts, (also about cruisers) I'd stay with the escort though.
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