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In another topic there was a long discussion if all cannons are better than a mix of torps and cannons. Also What type of cannons are best...all DHC, or 2DHC+2DC or even 4DC. But at least i got from this discussion that there is no real consensus here so i have played around a bit and created a energy-only eng-escort build. This of course is assuming an advanced escort is the right tool.
This thread? Or this one? Or this one?


Advanced Escort is OK, but the Fleet (now renamed "Patrol") Escort, or an Armitage if you have one, is probably going to be a better option for you. Mainly due to the extra Engineering slot for a second copy of EPTS (Or Aux2Bat1). The Armitage technically has the highest potential for damage out of all Federation Escorts in PVE (even moreso than the Bug) due to the fighter bay.

Forget the Hilbert Guide, it's debatably OK advice for PVP but those setups are underoptimised for PVE in general and STFs in particular.

If you're thinking of going Escort in PVE, a good start would be to lean towards spike AoE damage, e.g.:

Tac Com: TT1, CSV1, TS3, APB3
Tac LtCom: TT1, CRF1, APO1
Eng LT: EPTS1, Aux2SIF1
Eng Ens: EPTS1
Sci LT: HE1, TSS2

And bring a Vent Theta Radiation Console with you for a "free" Eject Warp Plasma.

Weapon type should be: Antiprotons (best for you) or Disruptors (best for your team) or Phasers (only if using the Quad Cannon). You'll want at least one Fore Quantum launcher for TS3, though ideally I'll take 2 [Borg] Quantum Launchers with a few Projectile DOFFs along for STFs and 1 Launcher for Fleet missions.

There are other setups - the 4xDHC one lacks a bit of hull damage (notably spike damage) but makes up for it somewhat in shield stripping ability. Or you can run a few Tricobalt Mines in the rear for maximum Hull Spike damage, but they're far more situational and are best used when combined with Tactical Captain Buffs.

Havam is correct that you don't "need" a cruiser to tank in PVE. It might make it easier, but it's perfectly workable to stick an Engineer in a Fleet Escort and tank Elite STF Tac Cubes or Gateways, whilst retaining the ability to to severe amounts of damage against other weaker targets. I do it regularly.

Don't see this as a push to get you in an Escort though - Cruisers can work too, it's just that "more DPS" is generally seen as more desirable than "more survivability".

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