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Technically Borg were designed to be the zombies of TNG as they do resemble the shambling mindless zombies from horror films. It was I think later in the Borg lore they were thought to be a hive mind and then the queen was introduced.
While the Queen was introduced later the Borg were intended to be a hive mind from the start, in fact the aliens from Conspiracy were meant to be the Borg (before they were called Borg), but the cost of the SFX required for the bug creatures was prohibitively high so they were changed to people in cyborg suits.

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I disagree with both of you... the worst episode ever award goes to blob monster that killed Tasha Yar episode.

I have three words for you: The Outrageous Okona

That was a poorly written piece of fan fiction that somehow became an episode.
My Romulan Liberated Borg character made it to Level 30 and beat the (old) Defense of New Romulus with the skill point bug.