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If you are seriously only looking to build an Assault Cruiser for PVE, than perhaps you would really enjoy the build I?m about to share with you. HERE It will dish out DPS like you have not seen in a long time in your Cruiser and this build is completely viable for an Engineering Captain.

Additional Details: If you want to play this build properly, you will need three Very Rare Technician Duty Officers and two very rare projectile Duty Officers in your Active Space roster.

Technician: Linked Here!
Projectile Officer: Lined Here!

I would also very highly recommend that you create a key bind that will first Re-distribute your shields, second, activate EPTSII, third activate EPTW and fourth activate Auxiliary battery. I also recommend the below weapon load out as I found that it is Trekish.

Note: Once Aux-Bat is activeated. Your EPTSII might laps in coverage. Just use Rotate Shield Frequency if you start to take too much damage.

Fore Weapon Slots:
Phaser Beam Array MKXII [ACCx2] [CrtD]
Phaser Beam Array MKXII [ACCx2] [CrtD]
Photon Torpedo Launcher [ACCx2] {CrtD]
Photon Torpedo Launcher [ACCx2] {CrtD]
Aft Weapon Slots:
4x Phaser Turret MKXII [ACCx2] [CrtD]

So how to play this build? Well, basically you want to place BO-I, CRF-I, DEM-III and TT-I all on active as EPTW-I activates. Then let loose your weapons on your target. If you setup the key-bind in the order that I recommended, your weapon power should only dip for a second. You can use EPS whenever you feel you need more power or Nadeon Inversion during your Alpha Attack as well. Just make sure you place as much of your attack active abilities on cool-down as you can before your Aux-battery activates because once it activates, all of your cool-down timers will be reduced by 30%. In a pinch, use photonic officer to increase this even further! Some will say that Photonic Officer is a wasted Bridge Officer slot, but that 30% cool down next time around will help recharge Phonotic Officer as well as Photonic Officer will help with all of your cool-down abilities, even Aux-battery. So it is a cycle in that regard.

So if you play this build correctly, it will play as if you really had two copies of all of your abilities. Thus, BO, CRF, TT, EPTS and EPTW will all have great uptime. Even your limited heals will have good uptime!!!

BTW, if you need key binding help, I can write a key bind for you and all you will have to do is put the abilities into the trey as instructed.

So just have fun! Remember to keep your bow on target because those torpedos will be on semi-automatic mode lol! I just have them autofire! That is all.

EDIT: Oh I almost forgot about Consoles:
Science you put field generators
Tactical you put Phaser Emitter relays, I think that is what they are… anyway, something to beef up phaser damage.
Engineering, at least two armor consoles, a Borg Console and whatever you want. RCS might be nice in PVE.
I had run this build with 3 piece borg and MACO shield. But, you can do 4 piece borg and get a free tractor beam if you wish.

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