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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
1: No, the Borg didn't sleep for 35 years, but Janeway brought back future-tech, which meant that all tech advancements were jumped decades ahead - and have kept developing and advancing since 2378. Within the STO timeline Borg activity stops by 2383 and no one sees a Borg again until 2409. The Borg haven't had time to assimilate all our tech advances yet.
Actually I don't think so. Remember when the Borg Queen was infected with the neurolytic pathogen she said:

"I may have assimilated your pathogen but I also assimilated your arming technology"

At that point the information assimilated by the Borg from the admiral's shuttle should have been spread through the entire collective effectively giving the borg a 35 year boost and actually putting them ahead of the Federation in that time period.

The question would be did that information spread to the entire collective or was it lost with the destruction of the Unicomplex?

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