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09-13-2012, 08:18 AM
I was glad to see the Scimitar in the game, would love it more if there were a mission on which we could take one over

But for ships I would love to see the following:
  • V'ger
  • General Chang's Bird of Prey or a modification that allows you to fire while cloaked
  • The Son'a ships of Insurrection
  • JJ Abrams USS Enterprise
  • Narada
  • Maybe even a 25th Century version of the Federation Class ship
  • USS Kelvin and the other Starfleet ships from the 2009 Star Trek Movie

Some that I would like to see but know the chances are slim to none due to copyrights from other games are the following:
  • Missouri Class battleship from Klingon Academy - maybe converted into a Battleship Carrier hybrid
  • Yamato Class battleship from Starfleet Academy - just like the Missouri a hybrid
  • Ulysses Class dreadnaught from Starfleet Academy
  • Achilles Class from Dominion Wars

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