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09-13-2012, 08:30 AM
Ever since my first in game encounter with the Borg, have I wanted them Buffed up a lot! A cube should take at least five starships to combat.

With that in mind, I?m all for reducing the number of Borg NPC ships and increasing the Borg Cube difficulty by giving them some useful abilities. Abilities such as Rotate Shield Frequency, BFAW, Torpedo Spread, Borg Tractor Beam and Borg Tractor Beam repulse. Finally, the cake would be if they spammed Tactical Team.

The Borg Spheres are fine as is in my own opinion.

I just feel that the Borg should be a real threatening NPC. As it is now, i'm more afraid of level 54 romulan warbirds in a small pack all shooint plasma torps at me...