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# 6 tractor beam
09-13-2012, 08:32 AM
energy beam never inplicate an oposite reaction otherwise you would be push back each time you fire with beam or cannon at anything too.
In the show, in my opinion, they added 'special effect'' to be more interesting like to shake ship and making some 'boom' sounds instead of people standing arms crossed watching other vessel while tractor beam is working or not.

Energy never link anything phisicaly unlike the NX class with his graplor.

The only realistic things to add would be a drain on engine power or auxilary power, the more other ship is trying to get free the more power you need to ad to emiters.

What I found realy odd is that part of the way you want it to work is already in the game but only borg do that... like cubes are using tractor beam to remove you from their top to send you heavy torpedo