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09-13-2012, 07:32 AM
Thank you all for the nice input. I guess i now have a good basis if i should choose an escort.

Now this cruiser setup sounds really nice...and a bit more complicated as well.
Its also the first time i have seen something similar and one question remains: would it not be better to use beam banks instead of arrays here?

I have to check how many respecs i have left and may be visiting the testserver should i still have access to it (last time was 2 years ago...heh).

If possible i will be testing both options and see which one i like more. Since you used this setup i guess it works just fine...

Edit: One problem i can clearly see is that both, choosing an escort or preparing this kind of setup will take some time until i have all the equipment etc. ready. Maybe in the end it will just come down to cost...

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