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Originally Posted by teleon22 View Post
So if you play this build correctly, it will play as if you really had two copies of all of your abilities. Thus, BO, CRF, TT, EPTS and EPTW will all have great uptime. Even your limited heals will have good uptime!!!
There are four problems with Aux2Bat builds:

(i) They use up at least two DOFF slots (often three) for Technicians.

(ii) The cooldown reduction is applied once as a "spike", not constantly for N seconds. This means that if you activate an ability with a shorter cooldown (TT1, for example) then use Aux2Bat, there will be a lag time until you can use Aux2Bat again to reduce its cooldown a second time. Basically, stuff like Tac Team will be up for 30 seconds (TT1>Aux2Bat>TT1), then down for ~15 seconds.

(iii) Aux Power is reduced drastically whlist Aux2Bat is in effect. Your levels drop to 5, or sometimes to 0. Whilst this is handy for certain powers (damage from TBR, etc) it will cripple the effect of many healing powers such as Aux2SIF, HE1 or TSS2 for approx 10 seconds out of every 30 (a third of the time!).

(iv) Aux2Bat shares a cooldown with EPTX. You can run 2xEPTW and 2xEPTS normally and maintain full uptime on them all, but you can't achieve the equivalent of that with Aux2Bat. Its effectiveness on a Cruiser is therefore somewhat limited.

That said, there are certainly places to use Aux2Bat. Reducing Tactical Power Recharge is a good one, it's very handy on an Escort (I've an Armitage build that makes great use of it to increase APB3 uptime!) but Aux2Bat1 will work just as well as Aux2Bat2, etc.

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