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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
STO's canon is dictated by Cryptic, which subverted those future variants for their own designs and a story about openning up the uniform restrictions. That's where the canon argument ends.

Now, ideally i wonder if they could allow uniforms to be a client-side option. This way you could set up a series of uniforms based on certain variables (perhaps something letting you be as basic or indepth as you want) which would change all the npc's and other players wearing uniform slotted costumes, this would be viewable by you alone. The player next to you, with their own client-side uniform options, would see you, other players and npc's wearing the uniforms in their options.
That would be the perfect sollution in my opinion.
Not only we wouldn't have to see those hideous combat armors anymore if we don't want them, but the word "uniform" would have it's meaning back.

To the thread starter:
I would love to use the AGT uniform on all my characters and their BOFFs but i just hate that ugly cumberbund (i hope thats the right expression).

Don't missunderstand me, i like the general style of that uniform, simple and elegant, much more than Cryptics plastic uniforms.

On female tons it can look quite OK, but on males it looks stupid and rediculus, because that stupid cumberbund it is much to high/big.
IF we had a alternative version without a cumberbund or with a significant smaller one i would happily use it.

I just made a mock up, to show how the AGT uniform would look like without cumberbund.
I don't know what you think, but i think it looks way better without it.
With Cumberbund
Without Cumberbund
Since the servers are down right now i only had this picture to work with, i hope it is ok that way.

Live long and prosper.

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