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I'm not going to argue with that, but the build I shared does work rather well for PVE. In PVP people can easily take advantage of low points in EPTS uptime as you said. However, this is just a PVE build that will allow the player more up-time with his very limited offensive skills while maintaining a reasonable uptime on heals and things like that. One will of course have to pay attention to Aux power level before using HE in this build... but meh, it is PVE and really, with an Engineer at the helm healing isn't really going to be an issue.

Yes, you can use DBB rather than Beam Arrays. The Spike damage with BO is more. I just like Beam Arrays better.
I'd agree for a DPS build.

However the OP stated they wanted to "tank".

The problem is that at endgame PVE for tanking stuff like Donatra, Gateways and Elite Tac Cubes: against these foes, even a large-hulled Cruiser with lots of Armor Consoles will be dead fairly quickly without shields (unless you're exploiting weapon arc blindspots) and Tac Team is the best means of keeping your shield facing up under fire.

Aux2Bat negatively affects survivability: reduced healing potential, and reduced Tac Team Coverage (unless you still take two copies of TT1, like I do on my Engineer's Armitage, and even then sometimes the reduced healing potential is too much of a hindrance) might be too much for a tank (either Cruiser or Escort) to handle.

Basically, in my experience there's not a huge amount of survivability difference in a Cruiser and an Escort, properly flown by an Engineer in STFs. You can "tank" on either, though the Escort will have a greater potential to inflict damage. But if you dispense with Tac Team and make your heals half as effective as usual, then you will likely start to struggle on either ship.

If the OP wants to stay in a Cruiser, I'd suggest a more conventional build in either an Assault Refit, a Tac Ody or an Excelsior.

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