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# 1 [Foundry Request]
09-13-2012, 09:48 AM
This request is specific to dialogue...

I love that you can include modifiers into dialogues when making missions (e.g., [Rank], [ShipName], etc). In the next foundry update, would it be possible to expland these modifiers to include more things?

For example, I would love a modifier that identified the ship class that a player is using, or how much crew their ship has. I was inspired by an Episode of Voyager that I watched called Scorpion. In the beginning of part one, there's a really cool sequence on a Borg probe from a Borg perspective. I loved how they identify Voyager, list it's info and then decide to assimilate it.

After seeing the episode, I was motivated to create a mission using that type of dialogue for the borg ([PhV] Daily: Ambush). However, I was sadly disappointed the the most I could include was the Ship's full name.

In possible Foundry updates, can we have more modifiers? pleeeeease.

Here's a link to the scene that inspired this request.